Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Quest for New-ness

When I think about the downsides of living in Alaska, it has nothing to do with cold or even dark. It has to do with what I call the “one-road-north-one-road-south” problem. By the time you’ve lived here 30 years, you have traveled every square inch of what you can do in a 3-day weekend. So then exploration and discovery are more involved and cost more.

But when Sophie went off to college, I resolved to try something new every week. This lead to adventures like joining a curling team, a bowling team, a magic class. And it doesn’t even have to be something with such a big commitment.

Recently, for instance, I discovered
You’re supposed to be able to turn zucchini into long strips of spaghetti. Think of the healthiness! The calorie savings! So I got a Spiralizer. It looks like this with a potato in it.
The potato is supposed to stick to the grips on the top so that when you press down and turn the crank, it rotates through the blades. The hard part was keeping the potato up there. It kept falling down and thumping around in the bowl. But when I sliced a bit off the top so it was flat, it stuck right in the little grips.

I became a spiralizing fool.
This is called keeping your brain active and your curiosity alive.

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