Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ready to climb my mountain

I’m off to climb my mountain! Somehow, the Chilkoot Trail became my own personal Everest, the target for all my worries and trepidation. After years of loading the kayak with all the gear, it just seemed so daunting to carry it all on my back … up 3,500 feet, over boulders and snow. But now – on the eve of departure – I’M READY!

I would not be ready if it weren’t for the gang of people who have given advice, loaned equipment, taken me on practice hikes and trips, made all the reservations, boosted my spirits, and basically convinced me I could do this.

I feel like I’ve had a pit crew working to make sure the car – me – was in running order.

My meals are assembled and packed, clothing is all set, and rain is prepared for. I have Mary’s lightweight tent and Thermarest, Tim’s lighter sleeping bag, Joan’s pack cover. I put the pack on my back and it’s … doable! Tomorrow we hit the road for Skagway.
He doesn’t even know it, but a young man got my confidence going. He just said, “Y’know, you can just take it slow and move one foot in front of the other uphill.” At least that’s what I heard. But just this past Monday, Linda and I faced a summit, said “let’s do it,” and up we went!

It was glorious, sitting there at the top, a goal realized and enjoying the climb. One foot in front of the other.

So now, six women take on the Chilkoot Trail. We’ll be back in August, mission accomplished!


  1. I can't wait to hear about it. Wishing you all the best of luck!

  2. Good luck! I am going on my first backpacking adventure on Thursday next week. I am looking forward to your rehash of the lessons you learned and the accomplishment you feel. I hope. For the both of us.

    1. And I look forward to your rehash! Where are you headed?

    2. Bravo! An iconic journey, for sure!

  3. Have a safe, fantastic time. Look forward to hearing about your adventures.


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