Sunday, September 25, 2016

How to Comment / How to Share

Now I have a discovery: I have finally figured out how to comment on my own blog! I mean, I know how to comment on it as me, but I wasn’t sure how you could comment as you. The problem is that list of “profiles” for you to choose amongst, and I have no idea what they are. I’m sure you don’t either. (Repeat: We are not tech dinosaurs!)

So here’s how to comment on the blog as you:
  • If you get the blog by email, click on the title in blue. That will take you to the blog website.
  • If you get to the blog through the home page (, at the end of each post where it gives the time I posted, it either says “2 comments” or “No comments” or however many comments. Click on that.
  • Now you’re all at the same place. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see “Post a Comment” and a box to type it in.
  • The confusing part is the “Comment as: [Select profile…]” Click on that and there are a bunch of choices, most of which I have no clue about.
  • The easiest, for many folks, is Google Account, which then asks you to sign in.
  • Then there’s Anonymous, but if you want to leave your name, what do you do?
  • This is my big discovery: Click on Name/URL, enter your name, and you don’t have to fill in a URL! It will still work! You don’t have to have any special account, secret handshake or password!
  • Then you just click “Publish”

Now, how to share a blog post that you really liked:

And I am incredibly excited because this represents a technological victory! I found a problem the tech developers hadn’t!

At the end of each post, after the last sentence, are a line of six little gray boxes. The first box lets you email the link to the post, and the other boxes give you the option of posting to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. But these are tiny, ugly, gray boxes, and I wanted bright, colorful, big boxes.
So I went to AddThis to get their boxes, but their boxes didn’t work on my blog. No matter how late I stayed up trying to make them work. Finally, Mike in Support, wrote “Thank you for bringing this to our attention.” I’d discovered a new problem! Mike made a video of how he fixed it. He fixed it by clicking here, there, everywhere, copying, pasting, whizzing around, erasing, fixing, zipping all over. I had to watch it twenty times with the pause button going constantly, but I finally got it! It works. At the very end of the post you will now find...

This should make it easy to share. Or: while on Facebook, go to the Our Third Thirds page, and share from there. Or on Pinterest, it’s Our Third Thirds Blog.


And now, I look forward to hearing from you … and all the people you share with!


  1. Wonderful!!

    I can't quite tell - are you like me?? I actually LOVE these technological challenges because my mind NATURALLY works like a computer's.

    BUT sometimes technology is NOT logical and then I get caught in a terrible "frustration loop," where I spend HOURS trying to figure it out myself. In my third-third, I've gotten A LITTLE better about asking someone for help - and often learn, as you did, that I am NOT stupid or crazy, but that the thing just doesn't work - or doesn't work in ANY intuitive or logical way!

    I'm Jewish, so allow me to say, "Mazel Tov!" And now your blog has the grey buttons that maybe SOME people know about and are used to - AND the GIANT colored buttons that EVERYONE can see and understand!

  2. I hate to rain on your parade, but I don't think I have the colored buttons. I do have the gray ones, though. There is some very small print at the end of the post that says "Sharing Button." Nothing happens when you click on it.

  3. And then you've got to contend with different browsers. Mine browser is Firefox and nothing comes up but a bit of text after the publish button that says, "Sharing Button".

    Sadly, it very likely varies whether one uses Safari, Explorer, Opera, etc. Have fun learning to make it work for all of us (and learning to test this stuff viewing in different browser settings)!

  4. Aiiieee! I use Firefox, too -- I'm on it right now -- and I see the giant buttons. On the home page, you have to go down past ALL the posts that come up to get to the very bottom. (It's because of that I left the gray buttons in.) If you click on an individual post, the giant buttons are at the end, but that's the end of the post, too. Maybe it takes longer for yours to load? I'm curious whether they show up on cell phones. They're supposed to. Hmmmm.

  5. Thanks for the tut!

  6. I'll send a screen shot through email from this morning showing you what I see. Noodler and I are in the same boat.

  7. Testing. 1,2,3, testing. I am attempting to follow through with your directions and post a comment. Here we go...fingers crossed!

  8. Nope. No giant colored buttons on the end of the post. I use Firefox.

  9. Thanks for your efforts to help this dinosaur. Reading the comments and from personal experience it appears an old cliche applies to the digital world - "it takes a village." What I learned today is all is as you said on my computer. However, I cannot comment from my phone. Just glad to be part of the conversation.


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