Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I won! I'm rich!

Last blog post, I told you all about the surveys and questionnaires and self-tests I take, BUT I started off with a link to the Recycle It Right Tip for the Alaska Recycles Day Sweepstakes. How many of you clicked on that link?

Well, too late … because I WON! I won a $500 gift card to Fred Meyer. Thank you ALPAR! I am rich!

My tip wasn’t what won me the prize – it just got me into the drawing – but here it is:
Anything I buy (tortilla chips, pretzels, toilet paper, tissue) that comes in a larger bag — that bag is what I put trash in. I don’t have to use separate plastic trash bags, and I use cloth bags to buy groceries. Packaging is my only source of trash bags now … and with recycling, I don’t have much trash either!
It’s true; sometimes our entire trash for the week fits in one Snyder’s of Hanover Olde Tyme pretzels bag. During the summer, with composting, the bag isn’t even full. I am a relentless recycler.
Not such a relentless contest-enterer, but my friend Judith tells me I need to enter all the contests I can because I must be on a winning streak. (Does one win constitute a “streak”?) But, as I’ve noted before – in a blog post three years ago [Wow, have I been doing this for three years?!?] – I find myself entering more contests in my Third Third. As I asked then, is it some way to bring in bonus money or yet more evidence that I can waste time in ever more creative ways?

Back then, I concluded that “It’s not a way of getting rich.” Ah, but that was before I won the Alaska Recycles Day Sweepstakes and got rich!

Now, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I reflect again that I AM rich. With love and friends and family and home. And mostly, I am hugely rich only because of the sheer luck of my birth in this time, this place, and to those parents. I am so very, very lucky. And grateful. Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. No Fred Meyers here in London, so no help there. But as to remembering Thanksgiving, that we did. Just finished shopping in one of the few markets where we can buy some of the American necessities and all, so we're set!

    Tomorrow, we go to St Paul's to hear the American ambassador (appointed by Trump) deliver the US President's annual Thanksgiving Day message to all the unfortunates who live outside an ever-greater America. This will be our last trek to St. Paul's to do this, however. After last year's embarrassing action on trooping the colours, we expect we'll have to recite the pledge of allegiance or something equally regrettable to our British hosts.

    Sigh. Thanksgiving is ever more difficult overseas.

  2. Thank you for reminding us that we are all rich and have much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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