Friday, January 14, 2022

Lost Voice

Sorry, I seem to have lost my voice. Nothing comes out.

It’s either because I’m empty or maybe I just won’t unleash my storm into the universe. Mostly, my whole self just stopped. It takes A LOT of oomph to un-stop, and all my oomph just goes to putting one foot in front of the other. That’s all.

Not sure how long this will last.


  1. Covid has stolen a lot from us and it makes us feel powerless and hopeless and angry at the universe. You are not empty. Your blog post today is a good start. Blogging is hard, but please keep writing and painting.

  2. Echoing Noodler and thinking of you. I literally thought about you today and wondered where you were, how you were. I was so excited to see the email. I miss the stories, smiles, tears and joy you have, and you bring, and maybe we can bring to each other. Be well, be uniquely YOU! Even this is a gift ...

  3. Wishing you a complete reboot of your get up and go! Take care of yourself, you are missed.

  4. Yes, it is really hard to keep putting one foot in front of the other - but please keep doing it. It is the best way out of the emptiness.

  5. Ah, yes. That's it. Wondered about you. And yesterday, we were able to attend Macon Robert's celebration of life (well lived!) and it was good to be with friends in the old world for a bit.

    If I can offer a bit of news here (selfishly one-sided & all that) Gene and I have bought a new home in Northern Ireland. Planning to move there in March this year.

    Other than that, life trudges on here as well.

    Be well, B2. Be well.

  6. Just taking a break from redistricting to say hi, and wish you a speedy return.

  7. Hi Barbara. Checking to see how you're doing, about a month of days since the last time I poked my nose into your blues. Climbing now or still sitting at the bottom of it all?


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